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Hamsphere 4

Well folks we all waited with bated breath for the release date of Hamsphere’s latest & greatest to arrive,and arrive it did “eventually” I got my download link on the 19th of the month.Well I downloaded the set-up  file and duly loaded it into the PC.Set -up went smoothly and the updated set-up went smoothly too no apparent problems showed up.

I fired up the program and I must say it looks stunning visually very attractive,all the buttons and knobs worked as they should,setting up the mic was easy so we were ready for that first QSO. I tuned around silence,nothing on any band at all except varying degrees of white noise. I tried all the bands a second time,the result was the same silence.

OK I though maybe it’s just quiet ,so I went to 20 meters and called CQ a few times still nothing,called again and got a faint reply from M1ANX we struggled through a QSO which was up & down in very steep QSB. Allowing for the time of day and allowing for propagation copy should have been much better than it was.Still it let me see that the program was at least working “to a degree”.After this I tuned around some more hearing some very faint signals here & there but none strong enough to copy clearly.

After much listening I called CQ on 40 meters ,no replies,I called again still silence.I was just about to give up when I was called by KD0ETQ Phil in St Louis he was quite weak but came up a lot when he turned his yagi towards me.We talked for a while and then I went QRT. Spent the best part of 6 hours listening to Hamsphere 4 and all I can truly say is that I’m disappointed by what I could barely hear.

From the get go in my opinion Hamsphere 4 needs a better default antenna than the one supplied,which works as well as listening to 40 meters on a cb whip.In it’s present configuration it won’t catch the imagination of many NEW users if they can’t hear anybody to talk to the default antenna should be at least a G5RV which is itself a pretty poor antenna but is still better than whats provided at present.An upside down discone and a bloody poor one at that.

Is it about the hobby of Amateur Radio or is it about building up the bank balance ?

Looking at the cost of these “virtual antennas ” I’m beginning to wonder 45 euro for a virtual antenna ? Is this for real ?

To get a station that works well is gonna cost a LOT of euros ,add the conversion rates equates to way too many dollars at least it does for me.

Update : Hamsphere 4 version 0003 a total disaster,no one can seem to access the transciever,if they are lucky and do get access it lasts for about 10 minutes then crashes.Plus they experience a load of error messages , login fails, not being able to find open ports etc etc etc :

Version 2 was very workable and pretty stable,why the upgrade ? why fix what was not broken ?

Some people have invested a lot of money up-dating their transcievers & antenna’s and such yet only to find they can’t operate the system.

All we can do is wait and see if they get it sorted out,meanwhile there’s a growing number of very unhappy subscribers.


New Year QSL Designs

Here are some New Year QSL Designs I put together,feel free to download and use them if you wish.

Wishing all my Hamsphere friends a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2014 ,and look forward to working many old friends & making new ones in the coming year.


Derek KD0PNP

Star Trek Series QSL Cards

For all you Trekkies out there (myself included) here are a series of cards I am creating using Digital modelling software, feel free to download & use them at will. I hope they are useful to some of you.All the cards can of course be personalised for you by me if you wish, e-mail me your details ,Callsign, op Name , QTH, to derek_mccorkell@yahoo.com or PM me on Hamsphere.

Enjoy the cards see you all on Hamsphere  73  Derek KD0PNP.

More Xmas QSL Designs

Free Christmas QSL Designs

This gallery contains 20 photos.

Hi All

For those of you who would like a QSL card just for Christmas I’ve put together some free designs which might prove useful.Just add your Callsign and fill out the QSO report form.and you are ready to go.All designs are compatible with Hamsphere’s QSL Editor.For your Callsign pick any size of Font you wish to use.For the QSO Box report I recommend font size 9 and Color White ( hex code FFFFFF).

If anyone would like their Callsign / Details  Added by me ,pick what design you would like modified and contact me with your details either by PM or my e-mail

derek_mccorkell@yahoo.com    and I’ll be only too happy to help out.


73 Derek KD0PNP

Tis The Season

Hi all,

Sorry for the absence of new posts of late,with one thing and another I kinda let things slide blog wise.

So it’s December 2nd and therefore the Christmas season is fast approaching,and with that of course the advent of Winter weather cold wet and over here usually Snowy.Thankfully here though Snow has yet to appear in our little part of Minnesota.Temperatures of late have been milder than usual we have yet to break 0 degrees F getting down to about 3 degrees F  (-16 C +/- a degree) .

My activity on Hamsphere has been sporadic ,too much work and not enough free radio time,yet I did manage a few contacts in ” Hamsphere’s Halloween Contest”  finished a respectable 19th so I was pleased with that.Look forward to the next one.

As the Christmas Season approaches I’m designing some nice Christmas themed Cards which I’ll be using during the Season. If anyone would like a Card designed for them by all means contact me via either PM or e-mail and I’ll happily do one for them free, I don’t charge anything for card design I just like doing them.

10 Meter propagation has been patchy here ,was pretty decent around the beginning of November with good trans-Atlantic propagation in the early morning to Europe but with the decline in Solar Flux levels it’s dropped off quite markedly here during the last couple of weeks.

Well I’ll close for now ,and hope to work some of you on Hamsphere still looking for new Countries & USA States here would like to get that Gold Award by years end but it’s tough going at present,can’t count the number of times I’ve Called CQ and got no takers.


73 good virtual DX

Derek KD0PNP

4th Of July Contest & Silver Award

Hi all tis now 2 days after the Independence Day Contest on Hamsphere, and on reflection it was a pretty good event,though I must admit to being disappointed at the turn out of USA stations, all in all they were pretty thin on the ground , Shame on you guys. Despite that I managed 80 contacts myself not record breaking but fun none the less.

I had not operated in contest mode since the CQ WW back in 2000 and to say the least I was pretty damn rusty LOL. I did not however work the complete 24 hours at my age you gotta sleep that’s a necessity LOL. But on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed myself driving my XYL to distraction at times doing so .

The Contest did of course have it’s advantages,in that I picked up the required Countries to advance to the Hamsphere Silver Award, and a few more besides to get me on the way to the Gold Award.

In closing I’d say to all the folk who didn’t take part in this fun event,try it next time ,you never know you might just enjoy it too;

73′s to all the stations I worked and thank you for making it a most entertaining day I look forward to speaking with you all on Hamsphere.

Derek  KD0PNP

HamSphere Bronze Award

At long last after over 3 years on HamSphere I’ve achieved Bronze Award Status, 3 years is a long time I hear you say, that’s true ,but alas I don’t get to play Hamsphere as much as I’d like to.On average I might get an hour a week and some weeks none at all. So maybe in another 3 years I’ll manage Silver LOL.


Latest Updates to our Ham-Art QSL Design Website.

Hi all

Been a few days since we posted anything here,not to say though that we have not been busy.The opposite is true in fact.Over the last week we completely re-built our Ham-Art Website from the ground up spruced up yet simplified the design redesigned all the pages and linking.A long and tedious job but well worth it,I’m pleased with the outcome.Visit us at Ham-Art Qsl & Radio Website Design let us know what you think,your opinions will be appreciated.


We have added new Samples Pages as well where we offer designs that can be ordered and Customised to meet a clients needs.New designs will be added on a regular basis for now though there are 10 pages of designs for you to peruse 200 cards in a all.If you like any of them and would like them Custom Designed to suit your Callsign please feel free to contact us quoting the Catalog Number below each design and giving us your relevant details (Callsign,Name,Mailing Address etc etc etc :) .Please note our Qsl Services are free of charge See our Services Page   for details .


Here’s an Image or Two to whet your appetite LOL.


All images bear MY Callsign & Details as an Example these will of course be changed to

match the order details on the finished card.

Storms series QSL’s

Some new free cards you can download & use featuring impressive lightning storms.

View or Download the Cards here